Advocacy & Sensitization

Through picture boxes, slides, videos, conferences and debates, advocacy, information and sensitization of communities, religious leaders, excisers, information and communication professionals, both traditional and modern, political leaders, legal and health professionals, teachers and educators, members of Parliament, women, men, youth, corporations, in other words all sectors of society, IAC had first broken the taboo surrounding this practice, before giving proof that it is one of the worst and obvious violations of the rights and physical and psychological integrity of women and girls. We have worked at four different levels: community, national, regional and international. The Inter-African Committee, convinced that FGM is a violation of the rights of women and girls, and that these rights are universal, has adopted a simple concept: universal solutions to universal problems. Based on this observation, the IAC launched, in 2010 a draft resolution of the United Nations General Assembly banning female genital mutilation worldwide